Course Description

RES 8001
Doctoral Research Seminar and
Under the principle guidance of the course instructor and in consultation with the dissertation chair, students develop the dissertation prospectus, complete a mock defense, and complete an IRB certification. Using key gaps found in the literature and research strategies to address those gaps, the qualifying paper may serve as the springboard for the dissertation topic. The dissertation prospectus presents the research problem, study purpose, justification (significance, feasibility, and researchable), and definition of terms; a brief synopsis of the literature, including research gaps, research questions, research hypotheses, and theoretical framework; and, the proposed research methods (research design; population, sampling plan, and setting; measurement/instrumentation; data collection procedures and ethical considerations; methods of data analysis; and, evaluation of research methods). Students that make sufficient progress, but do not complete all the course requirements by the end of term, will receive a grade of IP (course In Progress), and must next enroll in RES 8002 (1 credit) up to a maximum of six terms. Final grading is the responsibility of the course instructor who will seek input from the dissertation committee chair and is Pass (P)/Fail (F) or No Pass (NP). *Requires successful completion of all required core and specialization course work, the additional degree program requirements, residency and continuous enrollment, progression requirements, the qualifying paper, and recommendation to doctoral candidacy.