Course Description

RES 8002
Dissertation Proposal Development,
Used during continuation of work on the dissertation, this course is necessary to comply with the continuous registration requirement of the degree program. The course serves two purposes: (1) Students that made sufficient progress in RES 8001 but did not complete the prospectus and mock defense, and received an In Progress course grade (IP) during the first term of enrollment in RES 8001, may continue to work on the prospectus and mock defense with the RES 8001 course faculty for additional terms and enroll in RES 8002. (2) Students that passed RES 8001, enroll in RES 8002 in the dissertation chair’s section, form a dissertation committee, develop the dissertation proposal, successfully defend the dissertation proposal before the dissertation committee, and submit an IRB application. A dissertation proposal includes completed first three chapters of the dissertation, and relevant front and back matter. The IRB application, which includes the Research Protocol, certifications and signatures, and curriculum vitae of the principal investigator, is submitted to the Institutional Review Board for Human Subjects Research (IRB). A maximum of 6 terms of RES 8002 may be taken. Final grading is the responsibility of the Dissertation Committee Chair and is IP grade or P grade. Prerequisite: RES 8001 (IP grade or P Grade). 1 to 6 credits (1 credit minimum, up to a maximum of 6 credits)