Edward Ruppel
Assistant Professor, Business

Edward Ruppel

A strong belief in education and how it can best serve you is the very root of my being. I come from a family of hard working lower middle class people. My father worked for the same company, in the same job for 35 years. He watched college “kids” be promoted over him time and time again. He taught me that work and education are the keys to a successful future. I took this to heart with my first job at the age of 11; I have been in constant learning and working mode ever since.

Personal Information

My wife and I are originally from the Baltimore, MD area with time spent in Dover, DE, Philadelphia, PA, Cincinnati, OH, and Memphis, TN before moving to Fort Wayne. We raised 2 children; both are grown, educated and living successful lives in other parts of the country. My wife is an avid quilter and a fabricholic (we could open our own fabric store!), is a wonderful cook and takes good care of Amber (our Cocker Spaniel) and me while keeping our home running.

Our daughter (Ph.D. in geophysics, MIT) was a long-time professor of geophysics at Georgia Institute of Technology, has served as a program manager in ocean sciences at the National Science Foundation, and has since 2006 been a research geophysicist leading climate-hydrates research in the U.S. Geological Survey's Gal Hydrates Project and a visiting scientist at MIT. Her husband, who also holds a Ph.D. from MIT, is the Richard Cockburn Maclaurin Professor of Aeronautics at MIT. Our son is in San Jose, California where he is VP of Manufacturing for Micrus Endovascular Corporation (a small start-up medical instruments company). His wife is Controller for software house in the San Jose area. We have 3 grandchildren.

Commitment to Learning

I strive to foster a learning environment and develop a learning culture for all class participants. I believe in learning something new every day. It is not important how broad the new knowledge is, just that knowledge acquisition continues. I received both of my college degrees with honors as a part-time evening student while working full-time supporting my family and maintaining an outside life. The two pillars upon which I continue to build my record of service are quality of workmanship and clear, concise communications. I expect nothing of my students that I would not do myself.

  • (260) 422-5561, x2113 (office)
  • Cunningham Business Center
  • Room 345

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