Indiana Tech Alumni, Donors, & Friends: Why Give?
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Why Give to Indiana Tech?

People give to Indiana Tech for many reasons — to express thanks to former faculty who served as mentors for them, to give back to the institution that gave them the tools they needed to start their journey in life, to be part of something bigger than themselves, or to gain charitable tax benefits just to name a few. No matter the reason for giving, at the core of each gift is the desire to make a positive impact and a difference — to provide Indiana Tech with the means to change lives, communities, and how the world is shaped everyday by those who left their mark with us.

It's about expectations.

Ask our students what Tech's motto is. They'll tell you "No one rises to low expectations." We set our sights high, and as a result, we expect to succeed. You become part of that commitment to excellence when you choose to support Tech’s mission. You can always expect good stewardship in the use of your gift.

It's about reality.

The cost of tuition only covers some of the operating expenses of the university. When it comes to upgrading equipment, faculty development, needed new buildings for a growing enrollment, and many other costs, tuition just isn't enough. We need the support of benefactors dedicated to the mission of education. Indiana Tech is a private, nonprofit university, so it is not supported by tax dollars. Gifts are needed — and they are tax deductible.

It's about partnerships.

College used to mean the same to most people. Traditional aged students living on campus. But these days, along with that route, the larger reality is that many of our current pool of alumni and friends are working adults who may not have walked the "hallowed halls" but sought their education online, or in the evening, even at satellite campuses.

What it all means

The memories are different, but the result is the same: recognition of the important role Indiana Tech has played in their life experiences and in their success. Connections to friends and faculty, recollections of an earlier time and place, the expectations of a lifetime fulfilled, and the desire to give back and pay it forward.

Make a Gift

To partner with those who see the value in education, please contact us at 800.937.2448, ext. 2219, 260.399.2846, or at You can also go to our contact page that lists all our staff that would be happy to assist you with the donation process.

As always, thank you for supporting Indiana Tech!

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