Athletics Staff

For more information on any of our staff, you can contact them with the information provided below or by calling the athletics office at (260) 422-5561, x2227, or by email at

Director of Athletics
Coach Martin Neuhoff

Director of Athletics
(260) 422-5561 x2244

Administrative Assistant Jill Thomas
Jill Thomas

Administrative Assistant
(260) 422-5561 x2227

Women's Basketball Head Coach Jessie Biggs
Jessie Biggs

Women's Basketball Head Coach
(260) 422-5561 x2282

Women's Lacrosse Recruting Coordinator
John Belote

Women's Lacrosse Recruiting Coordinator
(260) 422-5561 x2128

Men's Soccer Head Coach David Bokhart
David Bokhart

Men's Soccer Head Coach
(260) 422-5561 x2275

Cheer Head Coach
Jennifer Connolly

Cheer Head Coach
(260) 422-5561 x2507

Ice Hockey Head Coach
Frank DiCristofaro

Ice Hockey Head Coach
(260) 422-5561 x2457

Faculty Athletics Representative Craig Dyer
Craig Dyer

Faculty Athletics Representative
(260) 422-5561 x2339

Doug Edgar

Track & Field Head Coach
(260) 422-5561 x2115

Mike Ester

Wrestling Head Coach
(260) 422-5561 x2495

Softball Head Coach
Jessica Harris

Softball Head Coach
(260) 422-5561 x2280

Women's Soccer Head Coach
Jim Lipocky

Women's Soccer Head Coach
(260) 422-5561 x2262

Baseball Head Coach
Kip McWilliams

Baseball Head Coach
(260) 422-5561 x2313

Men & Women's Golf Head Coach
Kelly Mettert

Men & Women's Golf Head Coach
(260) 422-5561 x2123

Men's Lacrosse Head Coach
Terry Nichter

Men's Lacrosse Head Coach
(260) 422-5561 x2128

Men's Basketball Head Coach
John Peckinpaugh

Men's Basketball Head Coach
(260) 422-5561 x2323

Athletic Trainer
Rich Riles

Athletic Trainer
(260) 422-5561 x2322

Band Director
Jack Schmidt

Pep Band Director
(260) 422-5561 x2253

Larry Secrist

Bowling Head Coach
(260) 422-5561 x2260

Sports Informaiton Director Zach Shore
Zach Shore

Sports Information Director
(260) 422-5561 x2492

Emily Shreeve

Women's Lacrosse Head Coach
(260) 422-5561 x2425

Raquel Vescovi

Women's Tennis Head Coach
(260) 422-5561 x2136

Gonzalo Vivas

Men's Tennis Head Coach
(260) 422-5561 x2135

Kourtney Wilson

Volleyball Head Coach
(260) 422-5561 x2383

Josh Wolfe

Cross Country Head Coach
(260) 422-5561 x2504

Martin Neuhoff, Director of Athletics

Jill Thomas, Admin. Asst.

Jessie Biggs, WBBALL

John Belote, WLAX Rec. Coor.

David Bokhart, MSOC

Jenny Connolly, Cheer

Frank DiCristofaro, Hockey

Craig Dyer, Faculty Athletics Rep

Doug Edgar, Track & Field

Mike Ester, Wrestling

Jessica Harris, Softball

Jim Lipocky, WSOC

Kip McWilliams, Baseball

Kelly Mettert, Golf

Terry Nichter, MLAX

John Peckinpaugh, MBBALL

Rich Riles, Athletic Trainer

Jack Schmidt, Pep Band

Larry Secrist, Bowling

Zach Shore, Sports Info.

Emily Shreeve, WLAX

Raquel Vescovi, WTENNIS

Gonzalo Vivas, MTENNIS

Kourtney Wilson, Volleyball

Josh Wolfe, Cross Country

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