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BA 2550 Personal Selling

Course Description: The history and status of personal selling will be studied in BA 2550 Salesmanship. The topics included are the types of salesmanship, sales personality development, product analysis, psychology of selling and sales training. Emphasis will be placed on the research necessary in selling and on sales presentations.

Textbook: ABC's of Relationship Selling; Futrell, C. McGraw-Hill/Irwin.

Prerequisite: BA 2500 Marketing

Specific Concepts to Address:

  • Relationship to marketing
  • Why everyone sells
  • Process of selling
  • Increasing sales
  • Methods of presentation
  • Flexibility in sales presentations
  • Closing sales, how and when
  • Importance of follow-up

Suggested Emphases:

  • Distinguish between marketing and sales

Helpful Documentation:

  • Current resume
  • Job descriptions for each sales position held
  • Recent performance evaluation with applicable signatures
  • Letter from immediate supervisor documenting your sales position
  • Documentation from relevant training courses (i.e. certificates)
  • Documentation of sales awards earned
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