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BA 2800 E-commerce

Course Description: E-Commerce provides information about the transactions of goods and services using the World Wide Web. Topics include marketing, ordering, order fulfillment, customer service, legal issues and trends. Privacy and security issues will also be examined.

Textbook: Watson, Richard T., Pierre Berthon, Leyland F. Pitt & George M. Zinkhan, Electronic Commerce, Fort Worth, Dryden.

Prerequisite: BA 2500 Marketing

Specific Concepts to Address:

  • Description of e-commerce, its models, theories and metaphors
  • Internet, compare and contrast with other media
  • Key features of the Internet resulting in its revolutionary impact
  • Technology underlying the Internet and the Web, its reliability and robustness
  • Competition, the implications for marketing strategies and tactics
  • Interplay of marketing, management and strategy for successful e-commerce
  • Communications with stakeholders and measuring effectiveness
  • Web pages, elements of and strategies for
  • Discuss current trends and their implications for the future

Suggested Emphases:

  • Demonstrate understanding of the Internet and its multi-media component
  • Thoroughly discuss conducting business electronically
  • Anticipate the future of e-commerce
  • Clarity particularly through careful word choice and use of terminology
  • Professional writing skills

Helpful Documentation:

  • Resume and job description(s)
  • Letters of recommendation pertaining to e-commerce
  • Training certificates and listing of subjects covered
  • Documentation of original work in e-commerce
  • Samples of forms, reports, etc. regularly used in conducting e-commerce
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