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BA 3150 Project Management II

Course Description: Project Management II is a continuation of Project Management I in which students successfully complete and present a comprehensive project management activity.

Textbook: Successful Project Management; Gido, Jack, and James P. Clements. South-Western.

Prerequisite: BA 3110 Project Management I

Specific Concepts to Address: Due to the nature of this course, the student is expected to demonstrate competency in project planning and management as well as formally presenting a successfully completed project.

  • Understanding client needs and maintaining client relations
  • Project management process and organization
  • Use of specific project planning tools
  • Use of specific project management tools
  • Management of changes and unexpected problems

Suggested Emphases: The student should take the perspective of formally presenting a completed project.

  • Comprehensive understanding of managing projects
  • Project management software competency
  • Presentation skills

Helpful Documentation: The evaluator will place importance upon original documentation of a successfully completed project.

  • Resume and job description(s)
  • Requests for proposal and proposals
  • Original planning tools
  • Original management tools
  • Any additional, original project documents
  • Presentation outline and slides
  • Evaluation reports, letters of recommendation, or related performance appraisal
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