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BA 3300 Marketing Research and Decision Making

Course Description: This course focuses on the development and functioning of marketing systems and the formal tools of decision making. Collection techniques and the analysis of data, as viewed in management information systems, are reviewed with actual applications and case studies.

Textbook: Marketing Research with a Changing Information Environment; Hair, Bush, Ortinau. McGraw-Hill/Irwin.

Prerequisites: BA 2500 Marketing & MA 1035 College Algebra

Specific Concepts to Address

  • Research Methods
  • Evaluating Consumer Characteristics
  • Decision Making of Consumers
  • Subcultures, Influence of
  • Culture, Influence of

Suggested Emphases

  • Selection of the most appropriate research method given the consumer and the marketplace
  • Analyzing the decision making process of consumers

Helpful Documentation:

  • Current Resume
  • Job description of each marketing position held
  • Recent performance evaluation(s) with appropriate signatures
  • Letter from immediate supervisor documenting your involvement in research
  • Samples of research conducted by the student
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