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BA 3550 International Marketing

Course Description: A 3550 International Marketing is an analysis of the legal, economic, cultural and political factors affecting multinational marketing. In it students identify opportunities in foreign markets and the problems of pricing, promoting, and distributing products internationally.

Textbook: Advertising Principles and Practice; Wells, Burnett, Moriarty. Prentice Hall.

Prerequisite: BA 2500 Marketing

Specific Concepts to Address:

  • International perspective on the marketing mix and strategy
  • Trends in international marketing
  • Barriers to international marketing (including intellectual property and social responsibility)
  • Impact of political, economic, and historical factors
  • Development of an international marketing strategy

Suggested Emphases:

  • Global marketing emphasis
  • Role of culture and its role on standardization and adaptation
  • Professional writing skills

Helpful Documentation:

  • Resume and job description(s)
  • Letters of recommendation pertaining to international marketing
  • Training certificates and listing of subjects covered
  • Documentation of original work in international business and marketing
  • Samples of relevant forms, reports, etc. regularly used
  • Cultural and/or international segment analysis
  • Action plan for marketing a specific product in a specific international market
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