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BA 3560 Entrepreneurship

Course Description: Entrepreneurship BA 3560 is a comprehensive review of business opportunities in a free enterprise system with an emphasis on small business development. It includes research into the requirements for initiating a small business.

Textbook: Entrepreneurship; Kuratko, Donald F.& Richard M. Hodgetts. South-Western.

Prerequisites: ACC 1020, BA 2010, BA 2500

Specific Concepts to Address:

  • Entrepreneurial perspective
  • Components of an entrepreneurial plan
  • Elements for success and failure for initiating new ventures
  • Business plan, format and contents
  • Management of new ventures
  • Contemporary issues facing entrepreneurs

Suggested Emphases:

  • Relationship of innovation to entrepreneurial activity
  • Marketing, financial, and legal considerations for new ventures
  • Risk

Helpful Documentation:

  • Resume
  • Job descriptions
  • Business plan
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