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BA 4010 Quality Management

Course Description: Quality Management is study of quality control and assurance concepts along with their integration into a comprehensive quality management system. Topics emphasized are total employee involvement and teamwork, continuous process analysis and improvement, and the importance of a company-wide focus on customer needs.

Textbook: Quality Management; Gitlow, Howard, Alan Oppenheim, Rosa Oppenheim & David Levin. McGraw-Hill/ Irwin.

Prerequisites: BA 2010 Principles of Management

Specific Concepts to Address:

  • Key elements of quality
  • Quality management philosophies and their history
  • Relationship to major management concepts
  • Quality tools
  • Customer-supplier relations (CSR), principles and practices
  • Effect on organization-environment relations, organizational design and change
  • Relationship among teamwork, empowerment and leadership
  • Implications for business strategy and competitive advantage
  • Implementation of quality including barriers to implementation

Suggested Emphases:

  • Relationship of quality concepts to the major management concepts
  • Compare and contrast quality management to traditional management
  • Comprehensive philosophy of quality management

Helpful Documentation:

  • Resume
  • Job descriptions
  • Performance appraisals related to quality involvement
  • Letters of recommendation from supervisors for work in quality
  • Training in quality documentation
  • Documentation related to CSR, teams or planning
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