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ENG 2330 Professional Communications I

Course Description: ENG 2330 and its subsequent course, ENG 2340, are designed to teach students verbal and written skills to effectively communicate both verbally and nonverbally in the professional world.

Textbook: Business Communication, Process & Product; Guffey, Mary Ellen. South-Western College Publishing.

Prerequites: ENG 1270

Specific Concepts to Address:

  • Steps in the communication process & barriers to them (interpersonal and organizational)
  • Ethical communication, goals of
  • Listening process
  • Nonverbal communication
  • Strategies for improving communication among diverse audiences
  • Legal responsibilities for writers
  • Audience analysis
  • Writing, proofreading, and revising a variety of business messages
  • Role of visually appealing documents
  • Select, design, and use presentation visuals
  • Delivery techniques for oral presentations

Suggested Emphases:

  • Clarity and relevance
  • Logical development of message

Helpful Documentation:

  • Resume, job descriptions, and performance appraisals relevant to topic
  • Original samples of written communications
  • Presentation notes
  • Audio or video recording of presentation(s)
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