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HUM 2000 Introduction to Humanities

Course Description: This is a general course in the history of the cultural arts through both Eastern and Western cultural eyes. This is expanded in scope to include the arts of film, drama and the dance, as well as art, architecture, literature, music and philosophy. The course will still be viewed from the perspective of classical western cultural tradition.

Textbook: The Humanities through the Arts; Martin, David F. and Lee A. Jacobus. McGraw-Hill.

Specific Concepts to Address:

  • Literary heritage of various cultures
  • Religious heritage of various cultures
  • Artistic heritage of various cultures
  • Musical and philosophical heritage of various cultures
  • Modern cultural contributions like film, the dance, and theater

Suggested Emphases:

  • Overriding themes in cultural development
  • Central values of nations as reflected in the arts

Helpful Documentation:

  • Completion of HUM 2010 and/or HUM 2020
  • Trips to museums, theater or dance productions
  • Reviews of related books
  • Musical exposure and mastery of pieces
  • Attendance at lectures and presentations
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