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HUM 2520 Art Appreciation

Course Description: Art Appreciation HUM 2520 is a basic survey course designed to supplement the exposure to art received in HUM 2010 and HUM 2020. It focuses on the ability to understand art in an historical context.

Textbook: Art: Context and Criticism.; Kissick, John. Brown & Benchmark.

Prerequisites: HUM 2010 or HUM 2020

Specific Concepts to Address:

  • Eras of art, describe and differentiate
  • Criteria for critically evaluating art
  • Ability of art to reflect the values of an era
  • Diversity of art in the human experience

Suggested Emphasis:

  • Criteria used to review (critique) art referencing masterpieces and monuments

Helpful Documentation:

  • Art exhibit programs and materials
  • Critical essays discussing art in various eras
  • Photographs of art created by the student
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