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OL 3000 Employee Development

Course Description: OL 3000 is a study in current theories and concepts of employee development. Students will examine practical approaches to ensuring that employees develop the knowledge and skills to perform effectively in their jobs and to advance in their careers. The course will look at the role of training and development, coaching, mentoring, and developmental planning as well as performance management, appraisal, and feedback.

Textbook: Indiana Tech Faculty (Custom Text): Organizational Leadership (2006), McGraw-Hill: ISBN: 0-390-58685-4

Prerequisite: BA 2700

Specific Concepts to Address:

  • Performance Management vs Training & Development vs Career Management
  • Performance Measures vs Measurement Approaches
  • Performance Feedback
  • Training Design Process
  • Needs Assessment
  • Traditional Training Methods (minimize “formal programs” discussion, if at all)
  • Approaches to Employee Development
  • Cross-Cultural Impact in the Classroom
  • Career Management
  • Special Challenges in Career Management

Suggested Emphases:

  • Discussion of Performance Management, Training and Development, and Career Management and how each concept relates to the other two concepts
  • Analysis of a personal performance management appraisal process
  • Design of a personal developmental planning process “opportunity”
  • Coaching vs mentoring
  • Creation of a personal career development plan for the next 3-5 year period

Helpful Documentation:

  • Current résumé
  • Job description for each employee development-related position held
  • Recent performance appraisal(s), with applicable signatures, that review(s) employee development related activities
  • Letter(s) from supervisor(s) written on company letterhead within the most recent two years documenting your employee development skills/abilities
  • Documentation of formal training courses that have been completed (i.e., certificates)
  • See “Suggested Emphases” above for additional documentation options.
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