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SS 2200 Macroeconomics

Course Description: SS 2200 Macroeconomics is a study of the entire economic system in which the gross national product, fiscal policy, monetary policy, banking, and the budget are reviewed.

Textbook: Economics; McConnel-Brue. McGraw-Hill/Irwin.

Prerequisites: Sophomore standing

Specific Concepts to Address:

  • Role and purpose of studying economics
  • Supply and demand analysis
  • Unemployment, inflation and economic fluctuations
  • Philosophies including classical and Keynesian
  • Role of money
  • Effects of interest rates on financial markets
  • Challenges of economic development
  • Comparison of world economies by system and location

Suggested Emphases:

  • Supply/demand analysis
  • Measurement of national income, employment and inflation
  • Fiscal policy
  • Money and banking
  • International economics

Helpful Documentation:

  • Current resume
  • Job descriptions
  • Letter from supervisor documenting your use of macroeconomic
  • Formal research papers done on the topics in the suggested emphases section
  • Documentation or certificates from training courses that have been completed
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