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SS 2800 Intro to Sociology

Course Description: SS 2800 Introduction to Sociology is an introduction to the scientific study of human society and social behavior. It examines sociological theories of human behavior, cultural patterns, and social change. The course emphasizes and analysis of the postindustrial society.

Textbook: Sociology: A brief introduction; Thio, A. Allyn & Bacon.

Prerequisites: None

Specific Concepts to Address:

  • Sociology as a systematic, scientific study of human society
  • Sociological theory
  • Social science research methodology
  • Major theoretical sociological perspectives

Suggested Emphases:

  • Application of sociological concepts to life and work environment
  • Personal statement of the student's understanding of society
  • Writing skills expected of a professionally employed adult

Helpful Documentation:

  • Resume
  • Related continuing education
  • Job descriptions
  • Community involvement, professional and personal
  • Volunteerism
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