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HS 4950: Human Services Internship

Course Description: Professional experience in a setting related to the field. The specific work setting and type of responsibilities are determined through consultation with the supervising instructor. Work responsibilities should be professional in nature and should not duplicate the HS 2600 Field Experience. Theory is coordinated with practical experience.

Textbook: None

Prerequisite: HS 2600

To develop a portfolio for HS 4950 use the following chart to guide your work:

Human Services Management Internship Assignments


Learning Objective

Suggested Learning Activities



Acquire knowledge of the clientele served at the Internship Agency-Site.

Access information from the records office and Agency-Site Supervisor.

Write an overview of the clientele served at the Agency-Site. Include demographics, lengths of stay, and any other pertinent information.


Acquire knowledge of the administrative structure, organization and interrelationships of the service divisions of the Agency-Site.

Discuss with Agency-Site Supervisor the structure and organization of the agency. Secure information on organization services or departments and the function of each. Observe each service or department offered.

Develop or obtain an Agency-Site organizational chart. Include responsibilities of the various units of the Agency-site, basic goals of each unit, services provided by each unit, and interrelationships of the units.


Demonstrate knowledge of personnel policies and operations.

Review the Agency-Site’s personnel policy manual. Discuss your review with your Agency-Site Supervisor and human resources staff.

Identify various categories found in the policy manual. Indicate process by which policies and procedures are established. Develop a checklist acknowledging policy/procedure coverage. Create one P&P for Agency-Site.

Staff Training

Acquire knowledge of staff development procedures.

Attend at least one professional in-service or conference. Discuss current trends affecting the Agency-Site’s operation.

Identify the current trends and issues affecting the Agency-Site’s services and indicate what changes have been implemented to address these. Write a 1-page summary for each session attended. Include handouts of provided.


Acquire knowledge of mandates and regulations that govern the Agency-Site.

Discuss with Agency-Site Supervisor and legal counsel any standards or regulations. Obtain this information from specific governing bodies.

Provide a written summary supporting the need for such regulations and mandates. Give an in-service on current legislative or regulatory issues affecting the Agency-site.


Demonstrate the ability to use various leadership supervision techniques.

Conduct individual/group activity sessions independently and as a co-facilitator (videotaping sessions is recommended).

Discuss the various leadership techniques you used. Include an evaluation of your ability to use such techniques.

Program Planning

Demonstrate the ability to schedule activities/assignments and prepare program area and equipment for participation.

Assess the Agency-Site’s activities related to activity planning.

Develop and submit an activity form or plan and include the following: objectives, activity description, participant descriptions, time required, environment required, staff required & responsibilities, supplies & equipment used, and evaluation plan. Assist in planning/conducting one special event.


Demonstrate the ability to promote leisure services to those outside the profession.

Prepare informational material for at least one program. Secure samples that have previously been used by the Agency-Site (fliers, brochures, calendars, & press releases).

Discuss the methods used by the Agency-Site to promote programs and services. Include examples of promotional materials that have been used in the past by the Agency-Site and include one (flier, brochure, calendar, etc.) developed by you.


Demonstrate knowledge of the policies for the Agency-Site’s handling of funds.

Discuss with Agency-Site Supervisor the following: receipts and vouchers, bids, approval of expenditures, petty cash funds, and establishment of fees and charges.

Provide a written summary of the organization’s policies for the handling of funds. Include receipts and vouchers, bids, approval of expenditures, petty cash funds, and establishment of fees and charges. Include any forms the agency may use for these procedures.


Demonstrate knowledge of budget policies and procedures.

Prepare a budget (mock/real) for a program in which you are involved. Present the budget to your Agency-Site Supervisor.

Present a budget and a narrative description to Academic Coordinator.


Demonstrate knowledge of how the Agency-Site attracts individuals.

Discuss with Agency-Site Supervisor and financial administration department marketing strategies used.

Provide a written summary describing the agency’s marketing strategies.


Demonstrate knowledge of how to order/requisition supplies, equipment and/or facilities.

Order (mock/actual) supplies or equipment for a program in which you are involved.

Describe the process used to obtain supplies, equipment and/or facilities for the Agency-Site’s programs. Sample forms should be attached. Complete an equipment/supply inventory checklist.

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