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Adjunct Web Mail

You can access you Indiana Tech e-mail at

If you are having trouble accessing your webmail account, this is usually due to one of the following two reasons:

1. Your password has expired

Your network/webmail password will expire every 100 days. If you don’t change the password when it expires, your network/webmail accounts will become inaccessible.

You can NOT change your password(s) for your different accounts at Indiana Tech from within the various accounts. Passwords for your accounts at Indiana Tech are synchronized (only one password for all four accounts) and may be changed or reset here:
Adjunct Password Change Form

If you don’t remember your my.Indianatech/Blackboard password you may use the following form to retrieve and then reset it:
Adjunct Password Retrieval Form

Both these links are located on the logon page.

Password changes made here will take effect on all four of your accounts within approximately 15 minutes.

2. You may be using and old shortcut to webmail

Our webmail client software has been upgraded to a new version on 8/18/2009.

This means, if you have previously been using a favorites, link, bookmark, or desktop icon to connect to your webmail, this will not work anymore. Also you will now have to enter the domain name with your username in the format INDTECH\FML01 to login.

To login to your mailbox please open a new browser window. Then type in the address line.

Or click on this link:

This will open up a new page with a logon window.

For the user name you need to enter INDTECH\ FML01 (insert your personal user name instead of FML01). Your webmail user name is NOT the same as your email address. The domain name part including the backslash (indtech\) IS important and needs to be entered exactly as shown above.

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