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Papercut Overview (formerly Print-Limit)

Indiana Tech has implemented a print accounting system for all student printing that began on September 1, 2009.

All students will have an initial $100 credit (1000 pages) for printing each year (July through June). Any unused credit at the end of the academic year will be cleared and reset to $100 for the next year on July 1st.

A student will only have to pay for printing if this initial $100 quota is fully used during the academic year. Students will be able to purchase additional print credits through the university Business Office in Fort Wayne, by calling 800.937.2448, ext. 2354. These additional credits can be purchased for $5, $10, or $20.

Students will be charged 10¢ per black and white page printed/copied and 25¢ per color page printed/copied. For example, if a student prints out an eleven-page document black and white document, their account will be charged $1.10 for the printout.  If the document is double-sided, there is a 50% discount on the cost of the printing.  For example, if a student prints out an eleven-page document double-sided, their account will be charged $0.60 for the printout (first 10 pages are double sided and discounted while the last page is not double sided so a discount is not applied).

When You Print

When you log into a public student computer at Indiana Tech, you will see a pop-up window appear informing you of your remaining print quota.

Print Quota

When you print a document, you will see the following window appear:

Print Job Notification

Read the information on the window carefully, taking note of:

  • the name of the document you are printing
  • the printer you are printing to
  • the amount that your quota will be charged
  • the number of pages you are printing

The print job will then print, and the cost of your print job will be deducted from your print quota. Because you will have the opportunity to review the number of pages being printed and will be confirming your print job, refunds to your quota because you printed something unintentionally will not be given.

Checking your Quota

You should see a pop-up window appear with your PrintLimit quota when you log into lab computer at an Indiana Tech location.

However, you can check your Print quota from any computer on campus by visiting http://PrintLimit:9191 and logging in with your Indiana Tech network credentials.

Note: This web site is only available from an Indiana Tech facility.

Another feature of this PrintLimit site is the ability to view the environmental impact of your printing.

Requests for Refunds

Refunds will only be given if there was a known printer problem at the time you were printing, and refunds will be given at the discretion of Information Technology ST@T Help Desk technicians.

Refunds for unintentional printouts (PowerPoint slides printed one per page, blank pages, etc.) will not be given.

Refunds are not provided if the print job is cancelled at the printer (including from the display). Exceptions are made if the Information Technology staff cancelled the print job because of a known printer problem at the time you were printing.

Cash refunds for unused printing quota, either from the provided quota or from additional quota, are not available.

Adding Print Quota

In the event that your print quota becomes depleted, additional funding will be drawn from your OneCard Campus Cash account $5 at a time to fund printing and copying needs.  If monies are not available from Campus Cash, additional funding may be added by clicking here.

Questions or problems?

Please contact the ST@T Help Desk at 260.399.2858 or 800.937.2448, ext. 2369 for any questions or problems:

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