May 16, 2011


Board Approves Proposal for Law School

President's Video Message: March 2011

Fort Wayne, Ind. – The Indiana Tech Board of Trustees has unanimously approved a proposal to move forward with establishing a law school in Fort Wayne.

The proposal was discussed and voted on after presentation of a feasibility study during the university’s quarterly board meeting on May 13. The feasibility study explored the demand for legal education, the job market for individuals with a law degree, the university’s capability of providing a unique educational  experience in the field of law, and the benefits a law school would provide to the community.

On May 16, Indiana Tech President Dr. Arthur E. Snyder addressed faculty, staff, and the media about the approval of the Indiana Tech law school scheduled to open in 2013.

“The establishment of the Indiana Tech school of law is a tremendously significant development not just for this university but for the community of Fort Wayne and the state of Indiana,” President Arthur E. Snyder said. “We have given this decision careful research and consideration, and we believe we can develop a school that will attract and retain talented individuals who will contribute to our region’s economic development.”

Factors that influenced the board’s decision in favor of establishing a law school include:

Indiana Tech’s academic strengths: The university has developed a range of curricular offerings in leadership, and that expertise could provide a unique aspect of a law education. Indiana Tech could offer the nation’s first combined juris doctor-master of science in leadership.

The number of lawyers in Indiana: The state is under-served in terms of the number of lawyers relative to the state’s population and economic activity.

Indiana residents attending law school out-of-state: About half of all Indiana residents who enroll at American Bar Association-approved law schools do so out-of-state.

“There are potential students who desire a law school education who cannot get that education in this area, and there are people in our state who need legal services who don’t have access to them,” Snyder said. “Indiana Tech can help close those gaps.”

The university will immediately begin a search for a dean to lead development of the academic program and pursuit of accreditation by the American Bar Association in accordance with the Standards for Approval of Law Schools. The goal is to open the Indiana Tech law school in fall 2013 with 100 first-year students.



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