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The Ph.D. in Global Leadership will require a minimum of 60 credits of graduate level course work beyond the master’s level. Coursework will be a blend of online work, self-study, and ongoing consultation with faculty. The program consists of four components: the research core, the global leadership core, a specialization, and the dissertation.

Research core

The research core is a minimum of 18 credits. The coursework focuses on research methods, scholarly inquiry and technical writing, critical analysis of literature, and statistical analysis. The research core also includes development of a qualifying paper offering critical analysis of literature on an approved topic. This qualifying paper will become a component of the student’s dissertation.

Global leadership core

The global leadership core curriculum consists of seven courses totaling 21 credits. Students are required to complete 18 leadership core credits of their choice to fulfill program requirements. The courses explore leadership topics related to change, communications, ethics, social responsibility, teamwork, and global strategy.

Leadership specializations

Students must choose a specialization consisting of six courses for 18 credits.

  • The organizational management specialization will develop understanding of leadership theory and research as applied to profit and not-for-profit organizations.
  • The academic administration specialization will develop understanding of leadership theory and research as applied to institutions of higher education.


The dissertation is the culmination of the Ph.D. program. It must address an original investigation of a problem of significance in the student’s area of specialization and demonstrate that the candidate is capable of conducting and reporting research and analysis in this area of specialization.

Learning outcomes

Students who successfully complete the Ph.D. in Global Leadership will be able to:

  • Critically analyze theoretical and empirical literature and practices required by leaders in the 21st century global environment to advance organizational success and foster organizational growth.
  • Search, analyze, and interpret information from internal and external sources to evaluate organizational effectiveness, and both recommend and employ leadership strategies to promote organizational change.
  • Demonstrate responsibility, accountability, ethical consciousness, and adherence to legal, professional and educational standards of global leadership.
  • Design research using appropriate methodology, conduct scholarly research that contributes to the body of knowledge in the discipline of global leadership studies, and apply research results from related fields to the discipline of global leadership studies and practice.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the complexities associated with leadership in a global environment, the conditions under which it occurs, and approaches to leading in those in diverse settings.
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