How it Works

How it Works

The College of Professional Studies allows nontraditional students to fit college into their lifestyles through the accelerated degree program. This program enables motivated students to progress quickly through the course work and eliminates many common obstacles.

The advantages include:

Weekly classes in short sessions

Courses meet one night a week for 5-week sessions in the undergraduate programs, and 6-week sessions in the graduate program.

A schedule you can customize

You’re not locked into taking classes in a predetermined order with the same group of classmates at the same time on the same night throughout your enrollment. While many classes do have prerequisites, you have a great deal of flexibility in scheduling classes and locations that are convenient for you.

Opportunities for credit outside of classes

You can earn credit based on your life experience through our Credit for Learning Program or by passing standardized tests. You also can transfer credit for many classes you’ve completed at another institution.

A variety of payment options

If your employer offers tuition assistance, you may be able to defer tuition until after each class is completed. Financial aid also is available.

Locations that are nearby

We offer classes in more than a dozen locations throughout the state, so you can attend at a convenient site near home or work.