• Hometown:
    Fort Wayne, IN
  • College:
    Indiana Tech
  • Degree:
    Therapeutic Recreation
  • Comedy Movie:
    A League of Their Own
  • Dream Car:
    Jeep Wrangler
  • 80's Song:
    I Wanna Dance with Somebody
  • Random Fact:
    I have only fully broken two body parts-my hand once, and my nose...seven times...Let's just say, for an active person like me I consider that a GREAT track record!



Abbott Building, 2nd floor
(800) 937-2448, ext. 2410

I am from Ft. Wayne, which is where my parents and three older siblings also reside. I earned my B.S. degree from Indiana Tech in 2009.

I came into Tech as one of the founding members, and captain, of the Women's volleyball team. Over the four years we found success, overcoming obstacles, placing first in the WHAC conference and making a trip to nationals my senior year. The experience of having the camaraderie of a team is something that is difficult to emulate in any other situation. Also as a student, I had the great opportunity to work with the Student Life Department, planning events and creating an atmosphere on campus for students to have fun, make friends and create memories.

Working in admissions gives me the opportunity to continue the tradition at Tech. I love giving students a personal prospective from my time here, in hopes that they too will be able to make the lasting memories on this campus that I had as a student!