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Indiana Tech has seen a lot of changes since 1930. » View photos from a time gone by

Our yearbooks are now available to view online. » Reflect on the past

Trends is the official university magazine for students, alumni and friends. » Read now

Indiana Tech's offers almost 60 degree programs for traditional and professional studies students.

Not sure what the best way to support Indiana Tech is for you? » Check out these ideas

The Indiana Tech campus landscape has changed a lot over the last few decades. » See what's next

Join our virtual party. Discover, tweet, and reconnect with Tech alumni. » Get connected

Looking Back, Stepping Forward

Since 1930, Indiana Tech’s commitment to educating students and giving them tools to become leaders in whatever walk of life they choose has been a proven benchmark for the values and goals a university should set for its student body. Your gifts, involvement, and advocacy make a difference for the university, and most importantly, for our students.

Take this time to reminisce about days gone by and learn how our past has helped us continually shape our university so that it can enrich our current and future students and prepare them for the challenges that come with tomorrow.

Featured Stories

The Tech Aluminati, the official e-newsletter of the Indiana Tech alumni office, is your source for the latest information on what’s happening at Indiana Tech, what current and former students are doing to make a difference on and off campus, and so much more.

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Trends: The Official University Magazine

Tech Timeline

Indiana Tech: Tech Timeline

So much has changed since Indiana Tech first opened its doors in 1930. The very first Tech yearbook, called the Kekiongan, was published in 1949 to capture what life at Indiana Tech was like. Although there hasn’t been a yearbook published since 1976, that hasn’t stopped us from capturing memories of campus and student life to share with you.

Take a moment to see how far Tech has come, how our campus and our student body has changed, and imagine what the future may hold for all of us.

Indiana Tech: President's ReportIndiana Tech: President's Report
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