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Events that Defined Indiana Tech

Over the last 80 years, Indiana Tech has grown and flourished in almost every possible way imaginable. What started out as a small technical college has ballooned into a university that offers degree programs in engineering, computer science, business, education, criminal sciences, and more, and in 2013 we will be opening a law school. Exciting stuff, no?

To appreciate where we're headed, you must understand where we've been. There have been a lot of key events that have happened over the last few decades that aren't discussed very often, but are important nonetheless. For the first time ever, we are sharing these well-kept secrets with you so that you can better appreciate how we've come this far.

The King Kong Incident of '56

Who said giant apes were friendly? Not me. With his career falling short and no place to go, this ape decided to take his frustrations out on a bi-plane air show that campus was hosting on this fateful summer day in 1956. As fate would have it, a Chiquita Banana truck drove by distracting the beast and allowing everyone to flee campus in an orderly fashion safely.

The pilot of the bi-plane later described the incident as terrifying. He said, "There's nothing worse than a monkey with bad dental hygiene. I wish I had a giant toothbrush to give him."

Godzilla Annoys Campus.... Again

Oh no. Not this guy again. There have been random Godzilla attacks on campus over the years but this is the only record of one caught on film. No one knows who took the photograph. It was a frightful day for all those who were unlucky enough to be on campus at the time. Since then, the university has made improvements to their "What happens if Godzilla attacks us again?" emergency crisis plan and asked all students and employees to work on their "OH NO! GODZILLA!" scream.

While the buildings shown in this photograph look like they are doomed, surprisingly, none were destroyed.

Time Travel Perfected

Many have thought about it, and more have failed at it. Time travel. While Indiana Tech may still be known as a "technical college" to some, our advancements in molecular science and knowledge in space-time continuums made it fitting that we were the first school to make time-travel possible. However, after the first "dry run" the Doc never came back. We think they are trapped in 1874, but aren't certain.

All attempts at reaching the Doc failed. The time-travel program was later dropped from available degree offerings.

The Great Waldo Search

All classes were canceled and the university shut down in an effort to find Waldo. The story goes that he had in his possession the only set of keys that would open up the dining hall doors. Lunch was not served that day. However, a box of Chiquita bananas, dated 1956, was found in a backroom. The bananas were not distributed.

A Very Bumble Holiday Season

He used to hate Christmas, but now loves the season and on this particular day wanted to spend it with us. Although he has no affiliation with Indiana Tech, he helped us put a bow on the tree outside the Wilfred Uytengsu, Sr. Center, which was nice of him. He also brought hot chocolate.

The Mass Moose Migration

We're not allowed to talk publicly about what happened on this day.

And now you know the rest of the story...

Thank you for taking the time to read about the events that helped shape Indiana Tech into what it has become today. Who knows what will happen next! For a more accurate history and timeline of events, visit our History page.


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