Indiana Tech Alumni, Donors, & Friends: Featured Stories: February 2011
State funding: Why it’s important to alumni and friends
You’ve earned your degree. You’re out in the community and busily building a successful life. Maybe you don’t even live in Indiana any more. So, why is the State of Indiana’s funding to current Indiana Tech students of any interest to you?
State Funding: Why It’s Important to Alumni and Friends
Show your support for SSACI funding by contacting Indiana's senator and state representative.
Written by: Mike Peterson, alumni director / February 2011

Besides the altruistic instinct to want the best for young people, consider that a strong enrollment means a vibrant, well-respected university. And we know that with the rising cost of education everywhere, many students who attend Indiana Tech simply could not afford to go to college without the state grants that help with the cost.

As Indiana’s legislators formulate the state’s biennial budget during this session, one of the factors they’ll be looking at is the amount designated for State Student Assistance Commission of Indiana (SSACI) funding – the grants that help students at both public and private universities afford their education.

Did you know...

  • 96% of SSACI funding goes to public colleges, and only 4% goes to the private colleges like Indiana Tech that are members of ICI (Independent Colleges of Indiana); yet the private universities graduate 35% of the students who earn bachelor’s degrees;
  • 80% of the college students in Indiana attend public colleges, and 20% attend ICI institutions; yet just 65% of the bachelor’s degree graduates are from public colleges, while 35% are from the private ICI colleges;
  • the percentage of students earning a bachelor’s degree within four years is just 30% among those who go to public colleges, but 59% among those who go to private ICI colleges; within six years of starting college, just 54% of students at public colleges have earned a bachelor’s degree, while 70% of those who attended the private colleges have;
  • the average cost to the state per degree is $62,938 for state institutions, but just $6,194 for ICI institutions.

Clearly, the state’s funding for students at private ICI colleges and universities is a wise investment. And recent opinion polls show that citizens overwhelmingly approve of state funds being directed to private university students. It’s simply good educational practice, good for the state’s economy, and good for all citizens. And, it’s good for you, wherever you live. If the funding to the private universities remains strong, enrollment is supported and the prestige of Indiana Tech – and your association with it – is highly regarded.

You can help

If you’d like to voice your support for SSACI funding to Indiana’s private ICI universities, let your opinion count by sending a message to the legislators who represent the district where Indiana Tech’s main campus in Fort Wayne is located. You can do that easily through email to:

Tell them of your association with Indiana Tech. You may want to mention some of the advantages of SSACI funding for ICI-member colleges that are outlined above.

Your support for this issue that is so important to our current and future students is very much appreciated.

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