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Degrees of Law
The development of a school of law is underway with expections to begin operations in 2013. The university is projecting to enroll a freshmen class of about 100 students during it's first year.
Indiana Tech Law School
President Dr. Arthur Snyder spoke to the media on May 16, 2011 to address the university's plans for a new law school in 2013.
Written by: Mike Peterson, alumni director / May 2011

Many of you have now heard that Indiana Tech has announced the approval of the development of a school of law to begin operations in 2013. This is exciting news for the university! The addition of a law school at Indiana Tech will further enhance the strength of the established academic programs, provide excellent opportunities for growth within the criminal justice program, and continue to fortify the university’s already strong focus on leadership development. International law is one of the specializations being considered, which would correlate well with Tech’s Ph.D. in Global Leadership.

Another interesting and promising aspect is that the top three undergraduate degrees with the highest average Law School Admission Test (LSAT) scores are economics, philosophy, and engineering.1 With the history of engineering at Indiana Tech, it will be exciting to add another area for students to gain an education in critical thinking that might set them apart in the field of engineering. Also, one area of specialization being considered for the new law school is that of intellectual property law, which includes patents. Many engineers have developed unique processes or products that require a patent for protection. Linking this type of expertise to the already strong education in Tech’s College of Engineering should be an attractive addition to the learning process for students at Indiana Tech.

More information and reactions to the decision can be read here:

For more information about the law school, or to express your interest, please visit our law school page.

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