Indiana Tech Alumni, Donors, & Friends: Featured Stories: February 2012
Education opens doors for alumna Carol Dugan
Carol Dugan
Photo of Indiana Tech Alum, Carol Dugan
Written by: Mike Peterson, alumni director / August 2012

Ambition and education have opened new opportunities in the career of alumna Carol Dugan. While serving as administrative coordinator and assistant to a general manager at Citizens Energy Group, one day Carol noticed the Indiana Tech sign on the side of the Indianapolis Pyramids campus. She went to the website to explore, and she liked what she learned about Indiana Tech. Her employer offered educational assistance, so she decided to take advantage and enroll in classes.

Less than four years later, Carol had completed the requirements to earn her bachelor’s degree. “It was a wonderful experience. In fact, I loved Indiana Tech so much I decided to continue with my Master’s degree!” Carol shared. And the MSOL program delivered just what she needed.

Because of her demonstrated ambition and desire to learn through her classes at Indiana Tech, Carol was selected to participate in two major company initiatives. She proved herself to be a valued contributor to these important projects. Carol stated, “I’ve been able to meld my work experiences with my learning which made me more successful in both areas.”

Currently, Carol is excited to be working in a new department where she has used her education to develop efficient work processes. Another important aspect of her job is communicating effectively with various departments while coordinating tasks and activities to meet schedules. In addition, she has been selected to participate in smaller teams within the organization where she continues to use her education as a means to successfully support the company.

Carol really enjoys collaborating between groups to more effectively accomplish common goals. “It requires the purposeful practice of leadership and communication skills,” Carol said. “I have also found myself applying some of the project management skills that I learned from my Indiana Tech courses.”

Carol encourages others to seek ways to achieve academic ambitions even when it may seem that their current position at work won’t allow for career advancement. “Others in the organization may recognize your desire to improve yourself,” she stated. “And it could provide opportunities that you might not have considered or even knew existed.” Carol’s own journey is proof that taking the steps available to grow personally through education can open new doors of opportunity.

Another area of excitement for Carol is that she is currently hosting a German, high school exchange student for the 2012-2013 school year. “We’re having a great time getting to know each other, and I get to experience our country through her eyes as she learns what it’s like to live here,” Carol commented. The student will be in the United States living with Carol until June, 2013.

Also, Carol was recently the guest speaker at our alumni networking breakfast in Indianapolis. If you would like to share your story or help host a regional networking breakfast, please contact Mike Peterson, director of alumni relations, at 260-399-2847 or

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