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Sneak a peek at our PBS documentary
People love a good renovation. Just consider the popularity of shows like, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition or Trading Spaces. Whenever there is dust and demolition combined with the dedication to beautification and restoration, people are attracted. When you add an emotional element such as a family in dire need, a child’s health, or… an aging, 150-year-old building on the campus of your alma mater, the interest increases ever more sharply.
Date plaque on the Wilfred Uytengsu, Sr. Center
Date plaque on the Wilfred Uytengsu, Sr. Center
Written by: Mike Peterson, alumni director / September 2010

With the renovation of what is now known as the Wilfred Uytengsu, Sr. Center, not only has the Warrior community taken notice, but so has the Fort Wayne community at large. The local PBS station has even produced a special documentary that chronicles the renovation of this stately administration building. Originally part of Concordia Lutheran Seminary, it is the oldest building in Fort Wayne still being used for its original purpose: education. The project maintained the 1850s exterior of the building, while completely updating the interior.

The newly dedicated Uytengsu Center includes some of the top green technology on the market currently. It is a "smart building," meaning it has sensors throughout the building that tell it when someone is inside, and the LED lights and geothermal system adjust settings accordingly. The temperature system also responds to outside weather conditions, including humidity control. Wood from the old flooring and bricks were reused in the new design, gracing the walls, windows and fireplace in style. With these technologies and more than 80% of the renovation waste diverted from the landfill, the building project is currently pursuing LEED® Gold certification. The fully renovated building is the epitome of the excellence for which Indiana Tech is known.

The documentary, entitled "Green Renovation: New Life for a 19th Century Building," walks viewers through the history of the area, the renovation process, the dedication of the building, and its use as a living laboratory for our energy engineering students. Not only informative, this documentary is sure to entertain.

The production airs at 8 p.m. September 30 and at other dates to be announced. The documentary will be on our local affiliate, WFWA, but may also be picked up by other markets.

Video snippets from this masterpiece of a documentary, along with highlights from the 80th Anniversary Gala, can be viewed on our Tech in Action web page.

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