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In pursuit of dreams
If you’ve ever had a dream that you wanted to fulfill, but just couldn’t find the time or the inspiration to pursue it, then this story about College of Professional Studies’ graduate Tammy Reid-Benedict just may be what the doctor ordered. She can now check off two big items on her list of dreams to achieve, and it all started with scheduling to take classes at Indiana Tech in Indianapolis.
Ben & Buckett Book Cover
Ben & Buckett Book Cover.
Written by: Mike Peterson, alumni director / December 2011

Achieving success in pursuing one dream spurred College of Professional Studies’ alumnus Tammy Reid-Benedict to follow another life-long dream. When Tammy graduated high school in 1993, she really wanted to pursue a college degree; however, life circumstances prevented her from this pursuit at the time. Instead of a college degree, she gave birth to her first of four wonderful children, Holly, and ended up going to work at Ray Envelope Company in Indianapolis, Indiana.

After ten years of serving at Ray Envelope, Tammy decided it was time to recapture her dream of earning a college degree. While pregnant with her second child, Tammy enrolled at Indiana Tech. She chose Tech because the classes fit well with her busy schedule. Tech offered her the opportunity to learn at her own pace while keeping up with her other responsibilities. During her pursuit of a degree, she continued to work at Ray Envelope and gave birth to two sons, Logan and Mason. Her hard work paid off in 2006 as Tammy earned an associate’s degree in accounting and an associate’s degree in business administration graduating magna cum laude.

Advancing her education provided more opportunities for Tammy at Ray Envelope where she is now a senior estimator and customer service manager. But there was still another dream yet to be realized. For many years, tammy had aspirations to write a book. One summer, about two years ago, Tammy’s sons Logan and Mason spent their summer daycare with a close family friend that they call “Grandma”. When the boys returned home, they were especially excited to share with their mom about helping in “Grandma’s” garden. Logan just couldn’t contain his excitement and told his mom all about his gardening experience. He was particularly proud of the fact that he was able to help with the planting of the corn.

As Tammy listened to her boys enthusiastically recount their adventures in the garden, a light bulb brightly flashed to life in her mind. Tammy thought to herself, “These are such great stories that my kids are sharing. I need to write them down, because they would make a great book!” So, she quickly began putting on paper these wonderful tales that Logan and Mason shared with her. Then, she began researching book publishing companies. When she came across information on Strategic Publishing Group, she decided that this was the company to whom she would send a synopsis of her book idea.

Tammy loved the idea of basing a children’s book on the true tales of her very own children. At the time, the boys each had a stuffed lion. Logan named his Ben and Mason decided on Buckett for his lion. Tammy thought these lion cubs would make the perfect characters for her book. So, from the boys’ stories was birthed the book, Little Tales of Ben & Buckett: Helping in Grandma’s Garden.

The book has now been published by Strategic Publishing Group and is available for purchase at helping in grandmas garden and at and It is available in soft cover, e-book, or in a Kindle version.

Tammy continues to keep quite busy raising her children along with her husband Wesley. In fact, they even added a fourth child, Adam, in March 2010. She also continues to find success at Ray Envelope. But the itch to write hasn’t gone away by a long shot. There are several more book ideas that Tammy has in the works, including more tales with Ben and Buckett, but she’s currently working on a chapter book for older elementary students about a circus mouse named Finster. And don’t be surprised if daughter Holly isn’t competing with mom for the best sellers list in the near future as she has a real capacity and desire for writing, too. So take advice from Tammy Reid-Benedict and never be afraid to follow your dreams and pursue your passions! You just never know where they may lead.

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