Indiana Tech Alumni, Donors, & Friends: Featured Stories: December 2011
Faculty and staff give back in a big way
The faculty and staff of Indiana Tech demonstrated in yet another way just how much they believe in this university and the students who attend through the annual fundraising campaign. The investment that each faculty and staff member makes is quite significant, and the participation rate is truly amazing. This is truly a great place to work with an extremely generous group of employees!
Faculty and Staff
Gong Show judges at the Faculty & Staff Celebration Party
Written by: Mike Peterson, alumni director / December 2011

Talk about putting your money where your mouth is! Not only do the faculty and staff of Indiana Tech demonstrate their commitment to our students and our Warrior community through long hours and a pursuit of excellence, they also demonstrate that commitment through a financial investment. And the rate of participation at Indiana Tech blows just about every other university out of the water.

Each year, colleges and universities across the nation conduct a campaign directed toward faculty and staff to donate a portion of their paycheck back to the school as an investment in the students and the campus. Tech is no different. However, the response is quite different than at most other places. Any university or college would be doing well to receive a participation rate between 30 – 40%. Those institutions that reach over 50% participation are ecstatic. But at Indiana Tech, we pursue meeting a higher standard. This year, the overall full-time faculty and staff participation rate was 94.7%! That is absolutely amazing!

The level of participation at Tech is another proof of the outstanding team that serves at this great place. It also demonstrates how much the faculty and staff care for and believe in the students and mission of this university. If you still have a connection with one of our wonderful faculty or staff members, be sure to thank them for their investment in you and Indiana Tech!

To celebrate the success of the Indiana Tech 2012 Faculty and Staff Fundraising Campaign, a Gong Show-style party was held on the Fort Wayne campus, at the Pyramids location in Indianapolis, and at the new Warsaw location. Good food was shared by all in addition to some fun entertainment provided by several faculty and staff members.

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