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Graduate Employment Outcomes

Working full-time50%71%70%79%85%75%
Working part-time9%n/a13%13%4%4%
Enrolled in additional education13%9%18%19%6%15%
Seeking additional education (not yet accepted)n/an/a8%7%1%1%
Engaged in military service0%n/a1%1%1%1%
Engaged in volunteer servicen/an/a2%2%n/aLess than 1%
Unemployed and seeking employment14%17%7%7%3%4%
Unemployed and not seeking employmentn/an/a8%8%Less than 1%Less than 1%
I’d rather not answern/an/an/a1%0%0%
Total Percentage of Students Employed, Participating in Volunteer, Service or the Military; and Enrolled in Continuing Educationn/an/an/an/a96%96%
Total Responses856446/557129/426198/414536/961611/879
Knowledge Rate89%80%33%48%56%70%
Response Raten/an/an/a36%22%24%