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General Philosophy

Take precautions to stay safe for as long as possible, to remain in-person for as long as possible.

A Safe, Healthy Campus

University Mask Policy

All individuals in indoor university facilities must wear fabric or disposable surgical-style masks that cover their nose and mouth. Bandanas, scarves, and headbands are not acceptable.

Individuals may remove masks indoors only if they are (these are more fully described below):

  • in their own private workspace with no one else present, or
  • in an enclosed room with others and all individuals can maintain six feet of distance, or
  • in a dorm room or apartment, or
  • while participating in activities in which a face mask cannot practically be worn, such as eating and drinking.

Following the State of Indiana Executive Order, masks are to be worn outdoors when social distancing is not maintained.

Personal Responsibility

Daily Health Self-Screening

The University will not be conducting temperature checks or health checks. Every student and employee is required to complete a daily self-screening to monitor for symptoms.

  • If you are sick, stay home
  • Use the self-monitoring checklist:
  • Do you have a fever – temperature over 100 degrees F?
  • Loss of smell or taste?
  • Cough?
  • Muscle aches?
  • Sore throat?
  • Shortness of breath?
  • Chills?
  • Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite?
  • Have you or anyone you’ve been in close contact with been diagnosed with COVID-19 or placed in quarantine for possible contact with COVID-19?
  • Have you been asked to self-isolate or quarantine by a medical professional or public health official?
  • If yes to any: Stay home.

Athletes will be required to conduct the daily self-screening and report the results prior to each practice.

Contact Tracing

Allen County

The Allen County Health Department will take the lead for contact tracing of individuals who test positive for COVID-19. Indiana Tech will assist this effort, collecting roommate(s), team rosters, and class lists – although not all individuals listed will likely have “close contact” with the individual.

Other Counties

Not all counties in Indiana (or other states) are equipped to conduct thorough contact tracing. Indiana Tech will conduct basic contact tracing for employees to be responsive to our communities and to assist local health departments.

Symptom Checker

If an individual is experiencing symptoms, the Parkview Covid 19 Symptom Checker site may assist to determine if you need to be tested.


To find a COVID-19 testing site within the state of Indiana, visit the Indiana State Department of Health website.

For other states, please visit the respective state departments of health:

Quarantine & Isolation

Quarantine keeps someone who was in close contact with someone who has COVID-19 away from others.

Isolation keeps someone who is sick or tested positive for COVID-19 without symptoms away from others, even in their own home.

  • If possible, we are recommending that students who need to quarantine, or isolate, to do so at home.
  • In the event a student needs to be quarantined, and cannot quarantine at home, we have 7 rooms set aside in Kalbfleish and Summit Halls. These rooms are located in less trafficked areas of their respective buildings and are equipped with individual heating, ventilating and air conditioning units with private/semi-private bathrooms.
  • Students: Written guidance documents, based upon State of Indiana Department of Health documents, have been prepared for each scenario based upon exposure, testing status, presence of symptoms, etc.



Students who have tested positive, are experiencing symptoms, or have been in close contact with individuals with COVID should report their status to Students Affairs through the COVID-19 Exposure form or

Three staff have been designated to receive notification of the submittal. A staff member will follow-up with the student with a phone call, preferably within 24 hours of the report. The purpose will be to check-in on the student, develop an understanding of guidance received, clarify quarantine/isolation protocols, and develop a plan for other arrangements. The report and conversation notes will be documented. A master spreadsheet will be shared with appropriate staff to track the report and status of students.

Contact tracing of a positive case will be conducted by Allen County Health Department or the State of Indiana. Faculty may be notified if a student is ill and not able to attend class virtually.


Employees who have tested positive, are experiencing symptoms, or have been in close contact with individuals with COVID should report their status to HR.

Academic Affairs

Traditional Day Classes (In-Person)

In-person classes will continue and be the default delivery mode for traditional students. Masks are required in classrooms in accordance with the campus mask policy considering the exception when social distancing is available. Instructors have the right to require masks in their respective classrooms even if social distancing can be maintained. Classes are encouraged to social distance (6’ spacing) whenever possible.

Traditional Day Classes (Hybrid)

To accommodate students who are not physically able to be present in the classroom due to illness, quarantine, or other extenuating circumstances, classes will be live-streamed during the class sessions through Blackboard Collaborate, and also recorded.

Students are encouraged to be in-person when possible. Any student electing to be virtual is encouraged to report their decision to the Office of Student Success. Students who become ill or are asked to quarantine during the term should report their status to Student Affairs through the COVID-19 Exposure form and their faculty.

CPS Face-to-Face Classes

CPS Face-to-Face (in-person) classes will be scheduled and run in accordance with academic policy. Masks are required in classrooms in accordance with the campus mask policy. Classes are encouraged to socially distance (6’ spacing) whenever possible. Classes will be recorded and made available on Blackboard.

Students are required to be in-person unless conditions preclude –such as illness or quarantine instructions. Students who become ill or asked to quarantine during the session should report their status to their faculty.

CPS Online Classes

Classes will continue as normal for CPS online classes.

Student Affairs

Residence Life


For the purpose of this discussion, Indiana Tech defines a visitor as anyone who doesn’t live in the building where they are visiting, which includes residents from other buildings.

Overnight visitors: For the safety of all of our residents, we are not authorizing overnight visitors in any facility until further notice.

Temporary visitors: Temporary visitors must be accompanied by their host upon entry to the building, and should remain in the common spaces in the residence hall facilities, such as lobbies or lounges, unless you are in a private room situation. These locations would include Rogers, Warrior Row A, B & C, and Summit Hall, or if a student has purchased a single room in another facility.

One visitor at a time: Residents may not have more than one visitor at a time.

  • We discourage having visitors inside personal rooms and encourage the use of common spaces such as lobbies; but, should you choose to do so, exercise proper safety which includes continuing to wear your masks and social distance and only if roommates agree to have visitors inside the room.
  • Remember that masks are required inside the building in all lobbies, common spaces and hallways.

Wellness Center

Nurse Practitioner

During 2020-21, the NP will operate via appointments only. You can schedule a nurse practitioner appointment online. The NP will pre-screen individuals to determine the nature of their illness. If the symptoms are consistent with COVID-19, the individual will be directed to an off-campus testing facility.

The NP will not provide COVID testing onsite.

The waiting area will be out in the Student Affairs suite. Students will be escorted or called back to the office for their appointment.

Following protocol, the NP will disinfect and clean between each patient.


The Counselors will be able to provide services by appointment in the following forms:

  • In-person – in the office with masks
  • Virtual – utilizing online, secure and private technology to conduct the appointment
  • Walking – outside appointment while walking or seated (this option is available, but does not maintain confidentiality in terms of being seen by others speaking with the counselor, yet the discussion content remains confidential)


Daily Participation

Effective, August 15, 2020, per NAIA regulations, all student-athletes, coaches, and staff must complete a daily health screen prior to participating in any team function. Furthermore, Indiana Tech will limit participation to student-athletes fulfilling all NAIA (or relevant authority), Department of Athletics, Parkview Sports Medicine, and Indiana Tech requirements.

Screening Process

The Department of Athletics and Parkview Sports Medicine will collect the student-athletes’ health screen information via an online process by an assigned deadline each day. This process will enable medical staff to identify any member of a team or staff that should be withheld from participation.


The Department of Athletics and Indiana Tech will conduct a COVID-19 testing program in accordance with state, regional, institutional and Parkview Sports Medicine procedures. At this time, the NAIA is not mandating COVID-19 testing prior to intercollegiate competition, unless required by local or regional authorities

Day of Competition Screening

For competition, all game-day participants (student-athletes, coaches, support staff, officials, etc.) are required to be screened within six hours of the beginning of the contest. All screening must be done by an athletic trainer or designated healthcare professional.

Facility Operations

General Maintenance and Sanitization

Department of Athletics staff pledge to maintain sanitary conditions in all athletic facilities following a regimented disinfection process, which includes but is not limited to the following: Locker rooms, team benches and spectator bleachers, athletic surfaces, and equipment.

Spectator Policy

At this time, the Department of Athletics will limit all home athletic event attendance to current students with a valid Indiana Tech ID. Should local and state regulations allow for a change to this policy at a later date, the Department of Athletics will develop and release plans in accordance with such guidelines. The Department of Athletics will operate free web streaming for all home regular-season men’s and women’s soccer and women’s volleyball games at


  • Open-serving options (i.e. salad bar in the Andorfer Commons Dining Hall) have been eliminated. As a result, pre-made food options in closed containers will be provided.
  • Students will self-swipe their IDs.
  • We will be monitoring/limiting the number of people in the serving lines and dining areas to preserve social distancing in compliance with state and local health regulations.
  • Seating modifications are being made in each venue to maximize distancing efforts.
  • Outdoor seating is open at most venues.

University Facilities

Mitigation Efforts

  • Hand sanitizer pumps have been placed in all classrooms, offices, and vending locations throughout campus
  • Sanitizing spray and wipes have been placed in classrooms, departments, fitness areas, and labs to assist with cleaning protocols
  • Disposable masks have been placed in classrooms and departments for visitors and individuals who may have forgotten their mask
  • Masks have been ordered for on-ground students and employees
  • Signage has been placed throughout campus as reminders to: Wash Hands, Socially Distance, Wear Masks, Stay Home if Sick, and Limit Elevator Occupancy

Cleaning Protocols

Cleaning of campus facilities on the Fort Wayne campus occurs routinely during the night. Residence hall cleaning occurs routinely during daytime hours. Additional cleaning has been contracted as follows:

Andorfer, Cunningham, Keene, Snyder, Zollner – additional custodian between the hours of 10AM and 2PM to clean high touch areas in common areas and restrooms; classroom tables will be cleaned as possible between classes

Schaefer Center, Warrior Fieldhouse, WAC, WAMB – shared additional custodian between the hours of 10AM and 4PM to clean high touch areas in common areas and restrooms

Abbott, Uytengsu – shared additional custodian between the hours of 10AM and 2PM to clean high touch areas in common areas and restrooms

Residence Halls – utilize misting disinfecting equipment in common areas/restrooms during the nighttime hours

In addition to contracted cleaning measures, all Tech community members (students, faculty, staff) are asked to contribute by wiping down common touch surfaces regularly. This includes their private spaces (rooms, offices, private restrooms in the res halls), keyboards in labs (with wipes), and classroom seating and tables before or after class. Supplies are available to facilitate this request.