Tech Talks

Spring Event Schedule

Where Am I Giving?
Thurs. 3/25, 7pm
Multi-flex Theater and Online

Based on his 2018 book of the same name, New York Times best-selling author Kelsey Timmerman talks about his travels to Myanmar, Kenya, India, Nepal, Zambia and beyond to explore different ways people use their gifts and talents to make a difference in the world.

Kelsey Timmerman has spoken at more than 150 universities, colleges and high schools across the country. He empowers students to think globally and act locally, engages them with their education and the world and helps them see where they fit in as doers, learners, consumers, volunteers and glocals (local and global citizens).

Watch Online

Tech Talks Common Reader: Discussion about “The Undocumented Americans”
Wed. 4/7 and 4/21 7pm

Students, faculty and staff will discuss Karla Cornejo Villavicencio’s “The Undocumented Americans.” Villavicencio’s 2020 book is written by one of the first undocumented immigrants to graduate from Harvard and reveals the hidden lives of her fellow undocumented Americans in this deeply personal and groundbreaking portrait of a nation.

These events are the culmination of a book club initiative organized during the first semester by English professor Dr. Susan McGrade. All of the books have been claimed, but you are interested in participating, please contact Dr. McGrade at

The Dream Team, documentary viewing and panel discussion
Mon. 4/26, 7pm
Magee O'Connor Theater and Online

This 2012 documentary shows how the 1992 United States Olympic men’s basketball team, commonly referred to as the Dream Team, contributed to the globalization of American sport culture, basketball and the NBA. A panel discussion, including current and former Indiana Tech student-athletes and coaches and former professional basketball players, will follow.

About Tech Talks...

The Tech Talks series is a collaboration between Indiana Tech’s Academics and Student Affairs departments. The purpose of the co-curricular series, which centers on a yearly theme, is to promote active dialogue and awareness about important issues of social justice across the globe.

Through this series, the university hopes to:

  • Foster a sense of campus community and acceptance
  • Promote critical thinking about the historical and social contexts of contemporary social challenges
  • Raise awareness of global issues impacting the development of a just society
  • Educate students on the ways in which global issues can be addressed through a variety of professional disciplines
  • Engage the campus and the greater Fort Wayne community in joint dialogue on issues of justice
  • Educate students on the role of empathy with those impacted by social injustice in the promotion of a civil society