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Ph.D. Students

A Ph.D. in Global Leadership from Indiana Tech will help you become an exceptional leader in today’s multifaceted world.

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"I see that this program really helped me to understand and explore the nature of my global work experiences in the context of organizational leadership and management. We all know that working in different cultures is not something easy. It requires skills, competencies and abilities that all global leaders need nowadays. I think this program helps leaders and researchers advance their knowledge and know about the world."

Mohamed Lemine

"In regard to my interactions with (Indiana Tech Ph.D. program) faculty and staff, this is where I can tend to get a little sentimental because of the caring nature. There’s a tremendous amount of work, but the faculty, the staff—they give you their very best. Their resources are here to promote success, and if you put the effort in as a student, you will get that back tenfold from staff and faculty. So, when you have that structure…it really sets you up for success."

Mark Vroman

"The courses being online is a lifesaver. I’m a single mom and I work full time, so I do not have the luxury of time to be here. I study next to my child. We both study together. I would not change that for anything because whatever time I have in the evening with my child, I would rather be next to him studying than somewhere else studying."

Susan Omar