About Tech

Our Mission

Indiana Tech provides learners a professional education; prepares them for active participation, career advancement, and leadership in the global 21st century society; and motivates them toward a life of significance and worth.

Core Values

Indiana Tech recognizes and adheres to the following core values:

  • Respect: Treating all stakeholders fairly and equitably
  • Commitment: Affirming an unceasing dedication to educating the whole learner
  • Honesty: Demonstrating truthful behavior in an open environment
  • Passion: Possessing a burning desire to fulfill our purpose, mission, and vision
  • Integrity: Behaving consistently with mission and core values

The university’s core purpose is to provide career-focused, professional programs of higher education


Indiana Tech is dedicated to preparing our students for professional and personal success in the real world. To that end, we are committed to the following:

  • Striving for academic excellence and continuous improvement in all programs
  • Strengthening and building upon Indiana Tech’s commitment to relationship-based education
  • Attracting, developing, and retaining dedicated and excellent teachers, staff, and administrators who are committed to making a significant difference in the lives of our students and the community
  • Integrating theory and practice through course content combined with real-world experience
  • Expanding the scope of programs offered, thereby giving students more career options
  • Giving each student the support and encouragement needed to stay in school to complete their education
  • Emphasizing ethics and integrity in all that we do
  • Fostering a life of balance among academics, social and cultural activities
  • Increasing the geographic diversity of our student population
  • Providing professional development and life-long learning
  • Evaluating each decision by asking, “Does It Positively Impact Students?” (DIPIS)

Operational Imperatives

  • Manage the university’s finances in a fiscally responsible manner
  • Maintain a consistent and well-planned budget process and review
  • Sustain a pleasant work environment, one that fosters challenge and productivity
  • Reach our goals through team relationships across all departments
  • Strive to contribute to our local communities in a positive way
  • Beautify the natural aesthetics of our campuses
  • Ensure a drug-free and harassment-free workplace