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Life is unpredictable. It is not unusual to take a break before finishing a degree program. You are not alone. We can get you back on track!

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"The undergrad programs at Indiana Tech are designed for student success. The instructors and the administration are of the highest caliber, and the culture within the school is energizing and uplifting. My undergrad advisor and I still speak regularly, and his support and guidance have been instrumental in my success. "

Jennifer Hitchcock
B.S. IN PRE-LAW, 2015

"I give huge credit to my professors; they contributed to most of what I have now in my current career. They really shaped me into the kind of individual that goes after things and always strives for more. I believe Indiana Tech made me fearless and gave me huge amounts of confidence to believe that I can be who I want to be in any kind of career."

Courtney Lakes

"Indiana Tech is preparing me for my career by teaching me to always look deeper and to ask questions—to not just learn about something, but to find out how it works. It is also preparing me by giving me opportunities for hands-on experience in the many labs that they have on campus. The ability to receive hands-on experience will be invaluable to me in my career."

Braden Isch