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Indiana Tech teams with FWPD to bolster policing in the community

August 21, 2023

Indiana Tech has partnered with the Fort Wayne Police Department (FWPD) to support “My City. My Department. My Campaign.,” a program the city hopes will bring qualified candidates to the department.

FWPD launched this program in early August to make use of the strong relationships it has already established with citizens, organizations and businesses in Fort Wayne through community-oriented policing practices. The goal of this initiative is two-fold:

  • To ensure the department continues to be a reflection of the community it serves
  • To empower members of our city to identify and forward potential qualified applicants to the FWPD Recruitment Team so that it may continue to employ outstanding public servants

According to the FWPD website, “The program is built on the idea that as citizens, businesses, and organizations within the City, this is YOUR city, the FWPD is YOUR department, and we hope that you share in the common goal to have a professionally staffed police department by making this YOUR campaign.”

“Indiana Tech and our criminal justice department are so proud of the strong relationship we have with the Fort Wayne Police Department, and we are happy to be a part of this important community initiative. This relationship creates outstanding opportunities for our graduates, but it’s also a victory for the Fort Wayne community,” said Professor Dominic Lombardo, director of Indiana Tech’s criminal justice program.

For years, the FWPD has provided countless enriching internship opportunities for Indiana Tech students, as well as employment opportunities for Tech graduates.

In November 2021, Indiana Tech, based on the outstanding reputation of its criminal justice program and its strong relationship with FWPD, was named a site for one of the state’s 10 High Tech Crime Units by the Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys Council (IPAC). In a High Tech Crime Unit, college students play a role in analyzing and processing digital evidence, which leads to faster and more thorough investigations, and more just outcomes.

“We pride ourselves on developing outstanding criminal justice students who are able to think critically and solve problems, make sound decisions and be empathetic and fair leaders within their communities. Those qualities are critical in the field of criminal justice today,” Professor Lombardo said.

Learn more about Indiana Tech’s criminal justice program here.