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College of General Studies adds a B.S. in child development

January 11, 2016

Indiana Tech will begin offering a Bachelor of Science in child development this fall at the Fort Wayne campus and online.

This degree is for those inspired to become an advocate for children, such as a preschool or child care center director, a social or community services manager or a child protective services worker.

Students will receive a grounding in psychology courses that will provide an understanding of theory and practices related to working with children and adolescents. They will also receive basic instruction in educational courses to provide them with an understanding of the psychosocial and physical development of children. Graduates from this program will:

  • Be able to adequately observe and assess child development levels.
  • Understand the importance of child advocacy at all ages.
  • Have a foundational knowledge base of current child development research, including typical and atypical cognitive, physical and socioemotional development.

“Children need productive support and guidance to help them mature into healthy, successful adults. Our child development program focuses on methods and strategies that have been identified to positively impact that development,” said Dr. Joshua C. Francis, interim dean of Indiana Tech’s College of General Studies and director of teacher preparation.

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