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Commons 803 will connect you with campus events, organizations, intramurals and more

August 13, 2018

Indiana Tech Student Life has launched a new app that will help students get involved in their campus community.

It’s called Commons 803, and it will connect students with campus events, organizations, intramurals and more, right from their phone or computer.

Powered by Campus Labs’ Engage student engagement platform, Commons 803 is a powerful and versatile interface that will keep students in the know. With this app, students can:
• Research recognized student organizations they might be interested in joining
• Find events on campus
• Set up a membership that will allow them to receive notifications from groups they want to hear from
• Access the Corq app on their phones so they can see and RSVP to events they wish to attend
• Sign up for intramurals and club sports
• Track their membership and involvement all four years they are at Indiana Tech
• Students can use their student ID to check in to events

“Commons 803 is a must-have for students who want to immerse themselves in all the Warrior Nation has to offer,” said Andrea Check, director of Student Life. “We always strive for ways to improve our students’ experience and we think Commons 803 will do a lot to strengthen their connection to the university.”

Commons 803 can be found here.