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Crime analysis concentration earns national recognition

June 16, 2020

Indiana Tech’s Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice concentrating in crime analysis was recognized by as a Top Pick for the Best Associate and Bachelor’s Programs in CSI and Forensic Science.

In’s summary of Indiana Tech’s program, it wrote: “The curriculum here blends criminological theory and experience with highly technical analytical techniques that will help you break down any crime scene using some of the latest tools and software for the task. An emphasis on the psychological motivations of criminal behavior will help drive your assessments, giving you a big-picture perspective on criminal analysis that will prepare you for any type of specialty or posting in CSI. In fact, with the professional ethics, leadership skills and perspective you’ll gain through this program, you’ll be equipped not only to process scenes, but to get ahead of the curve to devise solutions to crime in general and formulate crime prevention strategies.” is an independent online publishing group that saw an opportunity to provide aspiring CSI and forensic professionals, and those looking to advance in the field, a one-stop resource for information on education and certification options, specialized job functions, employment opportunities, earning potential and more. The resource was developed independently and has no affiliation with professional associations, lobbying groups, law enforcement departments or other government agencies.

You can learn more about all degrees available from Indiana Tech’s Center for Criminal Justice here. Graduates from our Center for Criminal Justice have earned positions and internships within the FBI; the Department of Homeland Security; federal and state crime labs; the Indiana Department of Natural Resources; and state, municipal and rural law enforcement agencies.