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Indiana Tech, Akron School of Law announce new 3+3 J.D. program

December 14, 2023

Indiana Tech and the University of Akron School of Law have entered into a degree partnership designed to streamline the academic journey from the baccalaureate level at Indiana Tech to the Juris Doctor (J.D.) level at Akron Law. This collaboration aims to condense the traditional seven-year path to a law degree into a more efficient six-year timeframe.

Commonly referred to as a three plus three (3+3) degree program, this partnership provides a unique and accelerated educational opportunity for qualifying students. Under this program, eligible Indiana Tech students can apply their first year of law school courses at Akron Law to satisfy graduation and degree requirements at Indiana Tech. Concurrently these students can apply the same courses toward the attainment of a J.D. degree conferred by The University of Akron.

“This collaborative program is intended to supply broader educational opportunities for eligible Indiana Tech students and enable them to complete an undergraduate and a Juris Doctor degree at a lower cost and in less time than might otherwise be possible,” said assistant professor Tiffany B. Redies, Indiana Tech’s pre-law advisor.

Students at Indiana Tech can apply for inclusion in the Akron Law 3+3 program either during their application to Indiana Tech or at any point during their enrollment, provided they can fulfill at least 91 credits towards a bachelor’s degree within three years. Professor Redies will work with students to determine which degree will best prepare them for law school.

Upon completing the application to Akron Law, participants who will have completed at least 91 credit hours toward a bachelor’s degree may be automatically admitted to Akron Law, provided they are in good academic, financial and disciplinary standing at Indiana Tech; satisfy the character and fitness standards required of all students admitted to Akron Law; and meet certain LSAT and grade point average standards.

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