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Indiana Tech and Manchester partner on dual-degree initiative

June 16, 2021

Indiana Tech and Manchester University have partnered to launch a new program that allows Manchester pharmacy doctoral program students to concurrently earn a Master of Business Administration in Professional Studies at Indiana Tech.

“This means essentially that our students can complete their Pharm.D. and MBA in four years, getting them into the job market as soon as possible with knowledge, skills and credentials that give them flexibility throughout their careers,” said W. Thomas Smith, dean of pharmacy and graduate life sciences at Manchester.

“The dual Pharm.D.-MBA program will develop and distinguish students in an increasingly competitive job market,” he said. Those enrolling in the dual-degree program will likely pursue areas that include managed care, institutional settings including hospitals, the pharmaceutical industry and independent pharmacies. In addition, he said, pharmacists possessing both degrees will be better positioned to fill leadership positions as pharmacists.

“This is an ideal situation for students to simultaneously earn two highly valued degrees that will have a significant impact on their careers,” said Steve Herendeen, Indiana Tech’s vice president for enrollment management. “Manchester University delivers outstanding education in pharmacy and Indiana Tech is well known for offering quality MBA coursework in a seamless online format. We have created an opportunity that is very achievable for busy students.”

The new agreement guarantees a transfer of business-related elective credits earned by Manchester pharmacy graduates into the 30 required for Indiana Tech’s MBA in Professional Studies. The arrangement also reduces the time needed to earn both degrees—as opposed to pursuing them separately—and offers students a cost savings, based on some Pharm.D. credits fulfilling elective requirements for the MBA.

“We thank Indiana Tech for working with Manchester University to combine two established programs that will benefit our graduates for years to come,” said Manchester President Dave McFadden.

“We, too, are happy to collaborate with a strong regional university to meet the needs of students and help them strengthen their careers,” said Indiana Tech President Karl W. Einolf. “This is a very exciting time for Manchester University and Indiana Tech.”

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