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Indiana Tech announces Doctoral Certificate in Global Leadership

October 6, 2021

Indiana Tech has introduced a new Doctoral Certificate in Global Leadership, designed for students who have completed a doctoral program at another institution or those who are currently in the ABD (all but dissertation) stage of their program. It enables students to add a global leadership specialization to their credentials, which is essential for leaders in today’s fast-paced, international landscape.

The doctoral certificate is comprised of four courses, or 12 credit hours. Students can choose four of six globally focused leadership courses: Leadership Theory and Research; Leading in a Time of Global Change; Communication in Global and Diverse Context; Ethics, Governance and Social Responsibility; Global Leadership Development; and Global Talent Management. Upon completion of the Global Leadership Doctoral Certificate, students will be prepared to critically analyze theories related to global leadership studies, demonstrate a holistic understanding of global leadership and international research, and more.

“This distinctive level of leadership education with a global focus is more relevant and necessary than ever for top leaders everywhere,” said Dr. Angie Fincannon, dean of the College of Business at Indiana Tech. “It’s exciting for Indiana Tech to offer this unique opportunity to doctorate students who have not had the opportunity to study global leadership within their discipline.”

To apply to the doctoral certificate program, students must submit proof that they have successfully completed a doctoral degree or submit a transcript as proof of completed coursework for students in ABD. Students must also complete four of the six Global Leadership core courses with a B- or above. Current students, past students or graduates of Indiana Tech’s Ph.D. in Global Leadership program are not eligible to complete this certificate.

In addition to the doctoral certificate, Indiana Tech’s Ph.D. in Global Leadership program offers concentrations in higher education administration, organizational leadership, and a special business administration pathway for those who have earned an MBA. With more than 10 years of history, 100-plus graduates, and more than 25 national and international faculty members, Indiana Tech’s flexible online Ph.D. program enables working professionals to become the global leaders of today and tomorrow.

To learn more about Indiana Tech’s Doctoral Certificate in Global Leadership, contact Kristin Conley, MSL, director of Ph.D. admissions, at 260.422.5561, ext. 3417, or More information is also available at