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Indiana Tech expands senior leadership team

December 9, 2020

Lisa Givan and Jeff LeichtyAddition of diversity and inclusion, information technology expertise reflects strategic importance to university

Indiana Tech has added two new members to its President’s Cabinet, promoting two current senior staff members to key leadership roles at the university. Lisa D. Givan joins the cabinet team as Vice President for Institutional Diversity, Equity and Belonging, and Chief Diversity Officer. Jeffrey S. Leichty joins the team as Vice President and Chief Information Officer. Each will begin their new duties at the university on January 1, 2021.

The new cabinet positions reflect the growing strategic importance of both diversity and equity initiatives as well as information technology to the university’s work to serve students and the community now and in the future.

On the promotion of Lisa Givan to the cabinet, Indiana Tech President Karl Einolf commented, “One of the hallmarks of Indiana Tech is that we believe in creating a sense of belonging. Lisa Givan has served with distinction in leading our Office of Diversity and Inclusion in recent years, and she will now be responsible for fully integrating our diversity initiatives across our university and in the communities we serve. With her leadership, we will better support students and employees with diverse needs. We will build additional collaborative environments that value open participation from people with different ideas and perspectives, and we will continue to welcome and listen to people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized.”

Regarding the promotion of Jeff Leichty, Dr. Einolf noted, “Thriving in the coming decade amid the current challenges in higher education will require even greater focus on leveraging technology to improve our students’ educational experience and our business processes. Jeff Leichty has long been an effective leader of our Information Technology Services team. In his new role, his work will grow to include leading cross-departmental initiatives to expand and refine our use of data and technology across the university. Through his leadership we will both improve processes and our work with students, and utilize technology to drive competitive advantage for Indiana Tech in the years ahead.”

With the additions of Givan and Leichty, Indiana Tech’s presidential cabinet will be composed of eight members:

  • Judy K. Roy, Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration
  • Brian W. Engelhart, Vice President for Marketing and Communication
  • Lisa D. Givan, Vice President for Institutional Diversity, Equity, and Belonging
  • Dan G. Grigg, Vice President for Institutional Advancement
  • Steve A. Herendeen, Vice President for Enrollment Management
  • Thomas E. Kaplan, Ph.D., Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Jeffrey S. Leichty, Vice President and Chief Information Officer
  • Daniel J. Stoker, Ph.D., Vice President for Student Affairs