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Indiana Tech honors its outstanding students for 2021-22 school year

May 24, 2022

Prior to 2022 commencement ceremonies, each of Indiana Tech’s three colleges held programs to honor their outstanding graduates of the year. Here are Indiana Tech’s outstanding graduates for 2022:

College of Arts and Sciences

Bachelor’s Degrees

Overall College of Arts and Sciences Student: Cherokee Bodell

Biology: Maxwell Jenkins

Child Development: Yasmin Juarez

Communication: Havilyn Cummings

Communication: Joshua Lundy

Criminal Justice: Justin Beihold

Criminal Justice: Kayla Bivens

Digital Graphics and Design: Phong Dang

Emergency Response Management: Brandon Goller

Exercise Science: Mikayla Dunn

General Studies: Marty Tetrick

Health Information Management: Thomas Mathias

Human Services: Danielle Stouffer

Psychology: Talia Graber

Recreation Therapy: Allison Pensyl

Special Education Mild Intervention: Paige Motycka

Master’s Degree

Master of Psychology: Martin Granados


College of Business

Bachelor’s Degrees

Overall College of Business Student: Victoria Raffle

Accounting: Xavier Overstreet

Accounting: Eliza Stanley

Business Administration-Entrepreneurial Studies Concentration: Andrew Smith

Business Administration-Financial Services Concentration: Jayden Reed

Business Administration-Financial Services Concentration: Maxxwell Sell

Business Administration-Health Care Administration Concentration: Anastasia Arnett

Business Administration-Human Resources Concentration: Melissa Gatewood

Business Administration-Human Resources Concentration: Dillon McArthur

Business Administration-Management Concentration: Verlin Ramsey

Business Administration-Management Concentration: Timothy Stein

Business Administration-Marketing Concentration: Kayla Bunkowske

Business Administration-Marketing Concentration: Kirsten Nartker

Business Administration-Marketing Concentration: Jacob Vanderpool

Fashion Marketing and Management: Emily Oler

Marketing: Jeff Grow

Marketing: Matej Krasny

Organizational Leadership: Nicholas McVittie

Sport Management: Chloe Smithley

Master’s Degrees

Master of Business Administration: Kendall Knapke

Master of Science in Management: Megan Carbaugh

Master of Science in Organizational Leadership: Angela Clemens


Talwar College of Engineering and Computer Sciences

Bachelor’s Degrees

Overall Talwar College of Engineering and Computer Sciences Student: Alexandra Forsythe

Biomedical Engineering: Allyson Versluys

Computer Science: Abibatou Diallo Bathily Sakho

Cybersecurity: Param Pankaj Mehta

Electrical Engineering: Joshua Kline

Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering: Eric Vermillion

Mechanical Engineering: Baili Autumn Bowers

Software Engineering: Jake Michael Willison

Master’s Degree

Master of Science in Engineering Management: Paulo Alejandro Delgadillo Helmer