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Indiana Tech School of Education adds new degree program

November 19, 2015

Dr. Joshua C. Francis, interim dean of Indiana Tech’s College of General Studies and director of teacher preparation, announced that Indiana Tech’s School of Education will begin offering a Bachelor of Science in special education for children who need mild to moderate intervention.

“The demand for special educators continues to increase every year,” Francis said. “We are excited to begin offering this program alongside our other outstanding teacher licensure programs to help fill this demand with high quality special educators.”

This new degree program was developed to equip teachers with effective and appropriate skills that will allow them to help students who require mild to moderate intervention achieve their educational potential. Students can expect to receive a specialized curriculum and four full years of field experience that focuses on mild to moderate learning disabilities, ­developmental disorders and emotional/behavioral disorders. In addition, this program will prepare teachers to help students in grades K-12. Only 11 of Indiana’s 45 teacher education programs offer this kind of training for the full K-12 spectrum.

“Special educators are driven by a passion for teaching children to develop healthy minds, bodies and social skills and helping students transition to adulthood,” Francis said. “Indiana Tech understands the important role that special educators play in a well-rounded elementary, middle and high school experience, which is why our Bachelor of Science in special education for children who need mild to moderate intervention stands above the rest.”

Indiana Tech’s School of Education is committed to training highly effective educators for tomorrow. Our faculty believes that the best way to accomplish this is through a program that keeps hands-on practical experience at the core. As a result, every teacher licensure program offered ensures students receive some form of field experience every single semester that they are enrolled as an education major. In addition to this clinically focused instruction, Indiana Tech reinforces its dedication by providing every qualified student with our $15,000/year Educational Excellence Scholarship. This scholarship is available to every student with a minimum 3.0 high school GPA and a 24 ACT or 1100 SAT composite score.