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Indiana Tech launches new bachelor’s degree program in supply chain management

May 5, 2021

Indiana Tech has launched a new bachelor’s degree program in supply chain management, which will prepare students to be effective managers and leaders in a vital and growing field at every level of the global economy. The new degree program will be offered in person as one of Indiana Tech’s traditional undergraduate programs on its main campus in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and also online to students across the country through the university’s College of Professional Studies (CPS). The program will launch during the 2021-22 academic year, starting with CPS class Session 1, which begins July 25, 2021.

In today’s fast-paced global economy, effective management of the entire supply chain—including procurement, logistics and distribution—has never been more important. The Indiana Tech supply chain management program will provide students with a comprehensive background for the design and management of supply chains, including quantitative and qualitative modeling of supply chain systems. The program will focus on core areas such as the development of technical and analytical skills, leadership and communication proficiency. As part of the program, students will be able to choose one of two concentrations, in quality management or data analytics.

The new degree program continues Indiana Tech’s work to provide innovative, tech-driven programs that meet the needs of industries and organizations across the regional, national and global economy. These programs combine technology skills and analytics with leadership and communication to help create the next generation of leaders for a data-driven world. Recent programs introduced by the university reflect this focus, including degree and certificate programs in business analytics, construction management, InsurTech, electrical engineering technology and mechanical engineering technology. Indiana Tech’s health information management program also recently earned national accreditation in recognition of the quality and comprehensiveness of its curriculum.

“Here at Indiana Tech, we have a saying that ‘tech is everything, and everything is tech,’” noted Indiana Tech President Dr. Karl Einolf. “It’s a recognition that no matter what field you enter, data, analytics and technology are going to play a central role in your career. Our new supply chain management program, and all of our new and existing programs, reflect this. We’re preparing students to lead in the innovative, technology-driven careers of today and tomorrow.”

In addition to the full supply chain management degree program, Indiana Tech also offers a certificate program in supply chain management, made up of six undergraduate-level courses within the discipline. The 18 college credits from the certificate program can be transferred directly into the full degree program for those interested in continuing on to complete a bachelor’s degree.

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